Podcast #10 - Living in Los Angeles, Moving to the Valley, and Young Crowds at Bars

In our last mid-move-podcast we start out updating you on our move. We move directly into what it’s like living in Los Angeles for me (Julien) who is from here, and Jenna who came here from the east coast. After rounding up what the people are often like in this town we get excited about new experiences in the valley. We later touch on the different types of crowds and personalities that populate bars around Southern California.

Welcome to the Jenna & Julien Podcast where we talk about all the things. If you are looking for your everyday, normal, by the book podcast, then you’re in the wrong place. We created this because we tend to have awesome, random, and sometimes drunk conversations that we realized had to be shared with the lovely internet world. So here we are.

We also like to ustream during the podcast to get some live interaction and also quick on-the-spot input on our chats–you can participate here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/jsolo123

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  • Oct 13, 2014
  • 36:22

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